5 Things A College Student Should Do When Renting An Apartment In Boston

A city known for having great university opportunities for college students, Welcome to Boston! After finishing High school, many students will start to think about where to apply for college and what course they should take. Overall, you’ll start planning for your future, and there is a tendency that you will move out into your parent’s house and start living independently. There are a lot of apartments for rent in Boston, MA, that have reasonable prices and are suitable for college students to ensure their safety in the town. If it’s your first time renting an apartment and you want to be safe in choosing, keep reading and take notes to have a comfortable stay in Boston!

1.Find an apartment that is close to your University

This tip needs to be on top of your list. It would be best if you researched the perfect apartment close to your University yet close to a city to buy your necessities. If you’re going to start living independently, you need to make sure that you are comfortable in your environment; otherwise, you’ll regret renting the apartment. Research the possible friendly streets around your University to start looking there. Harvard Square, Central Square, and Portal Square are the famous streets around Boston for College Students.

2.Set a budget

You’ll have to set a budget when living independently; you’ll have to pay a monthly rent to avoid getting evicted, so it’s a great choice to rent a place you can afford and can settle at the right time. Having a budget will save you from problems in finance because you know that you can pay in time, saving your reputation and keeping a roof above your head. You can also ask for your parents’ help or apply for a student loan to help you financially!

3.Expect extra cost

You should be prepared for many things financially, like paying for the water, electricity, internet, groceries, and other responsibilities. As the previous tip says, setting a budget for everything will significantly help you. Write down what you need to pay and start arranging your money for the respective payments. This way, you’ll be organized and able to pay in time and not worry about anything.

4.Find a roommate

If you’re someone who wants to save money, it will be a great help to find a Boston roommate! Boston is a pricey place to live, and you’ll face tons of financial problems in the future. Finding a roommate that you can share the expenses with will be an excellent opportunity for both of you; you’re living in the best city in the United States and spending your days with a fantastic person. Find someone suitable and trusted so you won’t face further problems. Finding a roommate is what many college students do to afford to live in a prestigious place like Boston!

5.Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the realtor

If you’re shy and sometimes find it hard to talk to someone, this is the right time to get out of your comfort zone. It would be best if you kept in mind that you might stay in that place for years. That’s why asking questions like when is the rent due, is it a safe street, how many people are renting in the building and the contact details of the realtor will give a massive advantage for your safety. There is nothing wrong in asking, mainly because you’ll be paying them, and you need to be comfortable in the environment you will stay in for years. Ask relevant questions that are on your mind to keep you at ease in your journey in the apartment.


Moving out and starting an independent life is a strong move for a college student. Not only are you teaching yourself how to be independent, but you’ll experience many new things that you never did when you lived with your parents. Always remember to be responsible and remember your goal in life to finish college without having complicated problems. It is an excellent choice to stay in Boston because you’ll have many opportunities here, and if you want to be a working student, you’ll get a higher chance of getting employed in this city. Enjoy your stay in Boston, and keep sailing!

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