The process of rehabilitation after breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery เสริมหน้าอก is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries not only in Thailand. but also popular all over the world There is also information indicating that breast augmentation surgery can build self-confidence. Make women happier from breast augmentation and also result in a better quality of life

The process of rehabilitation after breast augmentation surgery

breast augmentation surgery It is a major and sensitive surgery and there are also several techniques for introducing a breast implant into the body. Before undergoing breast augmentation, those who wish to undergo surgery should study the information to prepare for the surgery. including taking care of yourself and how much time will it take to fully recover after surgery The information that should be studied to learn the principles of breast augmentation surgery are:

How long does it take for the chest to fit and the wound heals completely?

For the period of rehabilitation after breast augmentation surgery Each client has different characteristics. The recovery period may not be clearly defined. But on average, the breasts begin to sit where the surgical incision heals after about 6 to weeks of surgery, or in some cases the surgery heals completely and the breasts start to fit in the first week. This depends on the technique by which the surgeon will diagnose and evaluate the surgery.

Steps to rehabilitate your body after breast augmentation surgery

– After breast augmentation surgery When the breast augmentation surgery is completed Your doctor may recommend bed rest or wait until the patient has recovered from general anesthesia. Generally, one night should be recuperated at the hospital in order to complete 24 hours of intravenous antibiotics and to monitor recovery after general anesthesia. The patient may experience nausea, vomiting and dizziness as a side effect of general anesthesia. But these symptoms can go away on their own within 24 hours or after adequate recovery.

– 5-7 days after surgery Generally during the first 3-5 days after breast augmentation surgery Will have the most side effects from surgery, such as pain and swelling in the first 72 hours after surgery, the doctor may give painkillers. To relieve pain, swelling and during the return to recuperate at home if the swelling persists. Painkillers can be bought orally to relieve pain. In most cases, within 1 week after breast augmentation surgery, those who have surgery are able to return to normal work.

– How to behave and take care of yourself after surgery During the first week after surgery Your doctor will advise the surgeon to avoid lifting heavy objects. Exercise that requires a lot of physical activity for at least 3 weeks, as it can easily damage the impact and cause complications. You should exercise lightly and be able to carry out your daily activities as usual.

– The recovery period that can live and function normally. The rehabilitation period for those who have breast augmentation surgery until the wound is completely healed and the breasts or breast implants that have been inserted into place The recovery time may vary from person to person. In general, after 8 weeks of breast augmentation surgery, you can live and work normally. However, after surgery, you need to see a doctor regularly for appointments. for the doctor to assess the condition of the rehabilitation and must strictly follow the instructions of the doctor Until the recovery is complete and there are no harmful complications in the short and long term.

Recovery approach to get the chest in place faster.

– Breast augmentation surgery Pain and swelling around the surgical incision are common after surgery. Even in the recovery phase, there may be pain and swelling. to restore or alleviate these symptoms to heal faster Specially designed bras should be prepared for those undergoing breast surgery in particular. In addition to helping to ventilate well The straps can be adjusted without being too tight or too tight. Soft texture And it also increases the rate of blood flow. make the chest into place faster

– Preparation for the period before surgery, such as doing housework, cleaning the house washing clothes ready-to-eat food preparation or raw materials in the refrigerator to be ready to avoid travel or avoiding physically active tasks in the early stages

-In the case of a mother or a housewife who has to take care of children and family members You should arrange for someone to help you take care of the baby because you can’t hold the baby for several weeks. including finding people to help cook Instead, do housework and take care of family members in the early stages after surgery. to be able to fully recover

get enough rest Choose to eat all 5 foods to get nutrients that are beneficial to the body’s recovery. Focus on foods that contain fiber, easy to digest, and drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. It will help the body to be strong and recover faster.

breast augmentation surgery It is a surgery to adjust the shape to be beautiful as needed. with silicone implants or artificial breast bags into the body Fast recovery for breasts Part of it depends on taking proper care of yourself. and strictly follow the advice of the doctor Including choosing a clinic with a specialized doctor can choose the technique that is suitable for the surgeon. It will help to restore the body quickly.


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