Wet n Joy Amusement Park, Lonavala – An Exciting Adventure Escapade

Imagine a day in your life that is free from all stress and tensions. Where there are no deadlines to adhere to and no limits that define the boundaries of what you can achieve. A day where you can truly let your hair down and have a blast, splash around with enjoyment and quite literally reach the skies! If you are up for an adventure escapade then the Wet n Joy Lonavala theme park merits your attention. Located in the pristine hills of the Western Ghats, this amusement and water park is considered as one of the top attractions in Lonavala. And rightly so, because if you are looking for a day filled with adventure and fun, then this entertainment park is the go-to destination.

Lonavala Theme Park

Wet n Joy, Lonavala is located on the Old Pune Highway, around 100 km from Mumbai and 50 km from Pune. It is easily reachable from all major cities and towns of Maharashtra by road and rail. Surrounded by magnificent scenic beauty, it is situated in a hill station that also offers various other adventure activities, such as hiking, trekking, camping etc. However, the sheer joy and child-like happiness of swinging mid-air or circling in merry-go-rounds or circulating on suspended wires at overwhelming heights are often unmatched by any other adventure. Visiting an amusement park is a truly remarkable experience that lets one go off inhibitions and push themselves to do things that they would normally never dare to.

Wet n Joy Lonavala theme park is thus, the ideal destination for adventure seekers who find themselves rejuvenated after a single day of exciting escapades.

So what are the adventure and thrilling rides in Lonavala that leave visitors asking for more? Let’s find out!

Thrilling rides in Lonavala

The thrill rides at Wet n Joy, Lonavala amusement park are daring, exciting, adventurous and high-energy fun rides. They will keep your heart racing, your nerves wracking, but also result in a rush of positivity and happiness. The sense of self-love, pride and achievement are ultimate when one gets off rides, such as the Space Trainer, Sky Screamer, Delta Hoppla and Giant Frisbee. And why not! There is no doubt to the adventurous spirit and streak in you when you scream in the Sky Screamer while getting suspended and spinning in dizzying circular motions atop a tower. Similarly, in Space Trainer float and turn and twist at high altitudes, watching the world below move in madness. Sit on a Giant Frisbee that zooms and spins circularly enacting a real life Frisbee. Or turning 360 degree in your cabin hanging up in the air on an archway that is oscillating at 180 degree in the Delta Hoppla– these are no mean feats of adventure or achievement!

Some of the other thrilling rides in Lonavala’s Wet n Joy amusement park are the Z Force, a fascinating ride where passengers are whisked up and down a high tower at crazy speeds. In the Flying Carousel swing round and round the merry-go-round and relive some of your best childhood memories. Besides, the Tornado, Mega Disco, Super Splash, Flipping Arm Action etc. are other adventure and thrill rides that are a must-try for all adventure enthusiasts.

Quieter Adventures

However, at Wet n Joy Lonavala one can also experience quiet adventures. The family and kids rides are not necessarily adrenaline-rushing, but are perfect vehicles to enjoy the little adventures of life together with the people you love the most. Rides such as the Carnival, Rush Hour, Magic Bikes, Water Mania, Galleon and more bring the entire family or friends together to experience the adventure and fun.

Kids Rides include Truck n Trail, Junior Jet and Ferris Wheel that are loved by kids of all ages.

Other Activities and Amenities

One of the top attractions in Lonavala is not only known for its amazing amusement and water rides. But its claim to fame also includes other activities, several visitor-friendly facilities and a solid goodwill of efficiency and safety. Besides, the rides, one can try the Mirror Maze, 3D movies and shows and the House of Horrors. There are world-class restaurants where you can sit and relax in between the amazing experience of adventure rides. The Summer Garden, Windmill Café, Santa Maria and many other food stalls offer delicious dishes and snacks that are much required to sustain the energy and fun.

The hallmark of service of the entertainment park is seen in the many facilities it provides. These include lockers, changing rooms, parking space, shopping outlet, medical services, wheelchair facilities and much more. Besides, various offers and discounts on entry tickets make this Lonavala theme park affordable for the common man.

Adventure and Escapades

Trying out adventure activities is a great way to keep refreshing and reinvigorating oneself. It helps to relax the body and mind and when done in a group, it strengthens bonds of togetherness. Wet n Joy Lonavala theme park is a wonderful one day adventure experience where you can fear nothing and find yourself eons away from schedules and routines. So do not miss out on this opportunity of giving yourself the much deserved break that you need! Explore your adventurous side like never before!

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