How To Create A Food Itinerary When Traveling

No matter where you’re traveling, you want to have an idea of the restaurants in which you will be visiting to get your three daily meals. 

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Keep In Mind Your Budget

The best key to creating a food itinerary while traveling is to keep in mind your budget. If you have a limited budget, maybe stay at a hotel that serves free breakfast and allow yourself to splurge on eating out for lunch and dinner. Maybe treat yourself to breakfast at least one of the days that you are visiting the new city or country. 

If applicable, try to view the menus of each place you want to go on your trip. Set a budget for each day. Go the extra mile by picking out the dishes you want to try and accounting for the tax to reassure you stick to your daily budget. 

Plan Your Food Stops Around Tourist Attractions

Save time and money on travel by planning a food stop that is nearby one of the tourist attractions you are visiting. Plan to drive no more than 10 minutes from the tourist attraction to get to your food stop. It will save you travel time, gas on a rented car, or taxi or bus fare by going shorter distances. 

For example, if you are visiting the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois after breakfast one day, take a look on Google Maps to see which food stops are nearby to plan. When you conduct a Google Search for a tourist attraction, click on the map above the place’s address. Click on “Restaurants” to view the nearby eateries in the area. 

Explore your options on the left side of your screen. Be sure to check how long it will take to travel from the tourist attraction to the food stop so that you can plan your day accordingly. For example, La Cantina Restaurant is only 11 minutes away from Adler Planetarium compared to Noodles & Company on South Canal Street which is 14 minutes away. 

Try Different Dishes Each Day

While you may love one type of dish that the new city or country you are visiting represents, expand your horizons a little bit and try a different dish each day. You will get a feel of the area’s culture and desired food options by exploring different dishes and exposing your palette to an array of flavors you may otherwise not be able to taste at home. 

Try Making An Iconic Dish At Your Hotel Room

While you may be tempted to go out and eat every day you are traveling in a new city or country, try to eat for a meal or two at least one or two days out of your scheduled trip. Get the ingredients from a local grocery store to create an iconic dish of the area using your talents. You will be surprised at how delicious it tastes after you put in the time and work of gathering the ingredients and following the recipe to achieve the goal. 

List Your Day’s Plan on Paper

Once you have everything planned out, list your day’s plans on paper. Start with where you will eat breakfast and what you will be eating. Next, pick a tourist attraction or two that you want to visit before lunch. After that, list the place where you will be eating or if you will cook something in your hotel room and so on. 

Final Thoughts

Allow room in your schedule for relaxation at the hotel. While you want to explore all the sights and restaurants where you are traveling to, you don’t want to be burnt out in the process either. 

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