5 Workable remedies to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen

Experiencing cockroaches could be a nightmare to most homeowners. Katsaridaphobia is faced by mostly family members that spend most time in the kitchen. They often face an encounter with roaches. Kitchen is a breeding ground for roaches and it is often the most common places for these beings to hide. Roaches step out in the dark and hog on several foods in your kitchen. They make their base near and under the sink, drainage pipes, and cupboards. Bathroom is another highly prone area for roaches to settle down.

If you face any such situation in your house, it is time to try a few remedies as suggested by homeowners and experts in pest solutions.

5 Wise remedies to prevent cockroaches in your kitchen:

  1. Many homeowners have tried boric acid to get rid of roaches from their kitchen and bathroom. Dust a small amount of boric acid near the corners and sides of the floor. As soon as the roaches get in touch with the acid, they are highly likely to die.
  2. Citrus solutions have also shown effective results in preventing cockroaches. People often sweep their floor by mixing lemon oil in the water. A few drops of lemon oil wouldn’t harm the family. It will prevent these beings to enter any near your house. It could be due to the citrus smell hated by them.
  3. Bay leaves are also highly recommended as mosquito and cockroach repellents. Placing a few bay leaves in your home corners would win in driving the cockroaches away from your house. Place these near your windows and doors to keep cockroaches at bay.
  4. Get few essential oils from the market. Good quality eucalyptus or peppermint oil can help in keeping the cockroaches away. Mixing a few drops of oil in water and spraying it on your house curtains, nooks, and corners of the house works effectively to keep these types of pests away.
  5. Contacting professional pest control services at regular intervals would help. These experts know every single step in getting rid of pests. They have access to the right tools, technology, and methods in pest control. Hiring them on contractual basis would mean a breather and peace of mind.

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