Why Renting a Mini Bus in Mumbai is the Best Option for Group Travel

Solo vacations may be trending these days among Mumbaikars, but group travel has its charm. It creates unforgettable memories that you can share with others for the rest of your life. You can travel with your family members or relatives. You can also plan a trip with your friends or office colleagues. Even if you prefer to travel solo, you can consider group tours to make new friends and meet like-minded fellow travellers.

Do you know what makes group travel more adventurous and double the fun? A road trip from Mumbai! So, if you are looking for on-road transportation for a group excursion, a mini bus is a good option.

Here are some reasons why a mini bus for rent in Mumbai makes a smart choice for group travel.

Easy and Quick Booking

While there is no doubt that group travel is exciting, it can be a herculean task to arrange it. Imagine spending hours booking train or flight tickets for several people together! You have to search different online booking websites or haggle with a travel agent to find a good deal.

There is no such hassle in booking a mini bus. This is because you can reserve the entire bus exclusively for your group. You have to simply call the mini bus rental agency and specify your requirements.

Relaxed Journey

If you thought that bus journeys are tiring for group travel, then you need to reconsider your opinion.

A mini bus is equipped with comfy seats, ample leg room, sufficient luggage space and amenities such as air conditioner vents and a high-quality music system. Your group can relax in their seats enjoying the cool air and listening to music. When they feel restless, they can move around within the bus to give their muscles a little workout.

Flexible Schedule

When you travel with many people, you need to accommodate flexibility in your itinerary. Some people might want to visit popular sightseeing spots while others may want to explore something off-beat. If there are children, expecting mothers, or senior citizens in the group, they may need extra rest breaks during the journey.

A mini bus allows you to plan the trip taking into consideration everyone’s travel preferences. You can coordinate with the mini bus rental company to customize your itinerary.

If you are looking to hire mini bus in Mumbai, you must find the right rental company. SimplyTrip is among the most reputed and reliable agencies to book a mini bus. They offer three variants of mini buses – Classic, Prime, and Benz Executive. Each of these variants has different features and amenities. You can choose any of these depending on your budget, practicality, or luxury.

SimplyTrip assigns only professional and well-trained drivers for your journeys. Hence, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Moreover, SimplyTrip also provides a personal travel manager to coordinate with all your group members and driver, and even fulfill specific requests. With this manager to take care of all your travel needs, you can enjoy your journey without any worries.

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