What can a DIY attorney do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

Most people have the notion that DUI courts are straightforward. But when you commit a crime with consequences like hefty fines and jail times, things can be anything apart from being clear. Putting your ability to drive, your freedom, and your bank account at risk is never a decision that should be taken lightly. This is why people hire DUI attorneys to ensure they achieve a favorable result on filing a DUI claim.

Before you seek the help of a Honolulu DUI attorney, check out what they can do for you that you can’t do for yourself. 

  • He recommends you stay quiet when it is necessary

One of the benefits of allowing someone to represent you is that a professional DUI attorney will advise you to keep your mouth shut when it counts. There might arise a situation where the DUI lawyer asks you against taking a stand in your defense as that might make you vulnerable to getting grilled by prosecutors. 

  • He keeps track of filings and legal deadlines

There are several steps in a DUI case that are linked to certain deadlines. For instance, if you forget to request police camera footage within the allotted time, then you might lose the chance of being handed the key evidence. There are also several types of motions that have to be filed in a DUI case and it is your attorney who will submit all such filings before the final date. 

  • He knows the intricate details of local courts

Unless you’re someone who spends enough time in and out of a criminal court, you won’t know the details. A DUI attorney is more acquainted with a courtroom scene than you. Though he might not face a judge as much as a defender, you should still select an attorney who has a comfortable amount of experience with juries, local judges, and the local court rules.

  • He negotiates with the strict prosecutors

DUI attorneys often work with the local prosecutors to hammer out bargains or plea alternatives to jail for the offenders of drunken driving. These attorneys have several years of trust and goodwill and they know how to negotiate effectively. 

So, if you’ve been accused of drunk driving or you know you’re at fault, you should immediately hire the legal services of a DUI attorney. Stay safe under their constant guidance. 

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