The Best Digital Marketing Tips That You Must Know For Success

One cannot deny the importance of digital marketing in today’s web-dominated market. The dominance of digital marketing strategies is evident in the fact that most marketing firms have separate units handling digital marketing operations. This is because an increasing number of startups opt for digital marketing as their primary mode of marketing. That begets one major question – what are some efficient tips and tricks that can spell the difference between success and failure for a digital marketing campaign. From an influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer to visitor tracking software, we will give you a complete blueprint of a successful digital marketing plan.

Best Digital Marketing Tips

Here are some essential digital marketing tips that will help you with a sense of direction vis-a-vis your marketing campaign:

1: Establish the Brand on all Social Media Platforms

Social media is the Messiah in guise for every startup out there. That’s where the audience is, and it’s the best cost-effective way to reach them. Building a brand requires a concrete social media strategy that spans a set period of time. This strategy should cover all the relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Of course, the number and the kind of social media platform reaches depend upon their digital marketing budget, resources, and the creativity of the marketing team. What’s more, is that most social media platforms offer publishing tools, so budding brands can refine their social media strategy. With those tools, a business can target a specific demographic based on the data collected by that particular social media platform. Thus, if a business’ target customers are located in a particular geographic area, they can target people located in that area via social media platforms. This is just one example of data-oriented social media strategies. 

2: SEO-driven Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. In today’s age, information is one of the most valuable assets out there. The whole information technology industry relies on data and information. Content marketing is the process of offering an audience valuable content in exchange for their attention span. If the audience is satisfied with the content published by a certain brand, they demand more of it. Thus, content consumers are converted into potential leads. Along with sales numbers, the reputation and visibility of the brand in the market also go up. Blogging, video publishing, optimizing web content, etc., are all elements of content marketing strategies.


3: Remarketing and Recycling

Recycling is not only good for the environment but also for marketing campaigns. There is only so much content available in the market. Generating fresh content on a daily basis is something of an impossibility. Of course, there will be repetitions. The trick, however, lies in reframing content and marketing campaigns. If we deconstruct a particular marketing campaign, we will find raw data at the base of it. This data can be framed and packaged in a different way to be a part of a completely new digital marketing campaign. That’s what most successful content writers do. They come up with ways to rebrand content in particular niches. Remarketing and recycling campaigns and content can help you save a ton of money. Moreover, it will also ensure that your brand remains consistent in its campaigns and marketing strategies. 

4: Data and Databases

Like they say, data is the best buddy of a marketer. Data-driven marketing campaigns are mostly successful. Here’s a scenario – you’re a digital marketer for a company that specializes in comfortable crutches. What will your social media marketing strategy be like? Whom would you target? Firstly, you will have to identify your target clientele. These would include doctors, hospitals, senior homes, retailers, etc. Then, you would use the tools at your hand to target these groups. This is a very rudimentary example of a data-driven marketing approach. Behavioral analytics platforms like WatchThemLive is another major element of data-driven marketing approaches. Buying trends and market conditions determine whether a product will be a hit or miss. Here are some successful digital marketing campaigns that forced marketers to rethink their strategies. 

1. Domino’s AnyWare

The Anyware tool released by Domino’s attempted to revolutionize how people order pizza. This AI-backed tool can be activated by voice and determine what exactly you need based on your demands. It supports third-party software and products as well, such as Alexa, smart TVs, smartwatches, etc. It’s a tool that focuses on making the ordering process easier and more enjoyable for the customer. Not only did this digital tool help with sales, but it also positioned the Domino’s brand as bold. Domino’s does not hesitate to innovate and try out new technologies – that’s the message this campaign passed across to the world.

2. Airbnb’s User-content Promotions

Airbnb is a brand that always tries to think out of the box when it comes to marketing campaigns. One of their latest approaches includes promoting user-produced content. For Airbnb, travel and tourism are everything. Thus, they started promoting the positive experiences and stories of travelers. Not only did that build brand reputation, but also made sure that customers don’t forget the name “Airbnb”. Make the consumers feel like creators and see the magic. At the core of this strategy is the idea that a customer should feel important while interacting with a brand. These promotions ensure that customers initiate engagement with the brand in order to get featured. After all, everyone wants to be famous. In a sense, this strategy aims to transform regular customers into micro-influencers. 


Study the successful techniques used by popular brands and you will find yourself with a digital marketing strategy that fits your brand’s voice perfectly. If you need to hire marketing talent in other regions, an Employer Of Record can help you.

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