The 10 Best Restaurants NYC in the East Village

New York City, a dazzling mosaic of cultures and flavors, never ceases to amaze. Amidst the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, finding the perfect place to eat can be a delightful adventure. So, let’s dive into the heart of the city’s culinary scene and explore the 10 best restaurants NYC East Village – a neighborhood renowned for its eclectic dining experiences.

Veselka – Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, New York City

Step into Veselka, one of the best restaurants in East Village of NYC, and discover a slice of Ukrainian culinary heaven.

Since 1954, this charming spot has been delighting diners with its rich Eastern European flavors and homely ambiance. Each plate, from the hearty borscht to the handcrafted pierogi, tells a story of tradition and taste. The kielbasa, a particular highlight, sizzles with authenticity.

At Veselka, every ingredient is chosen for its quality, ensuring a dining experience that’s both genuine and satisfying. The atmosphere, reminiscent of a cozy Ukrainian home, is perfect for any meal, whether a leisurely dinner or a quick lunch. With reasonable prices and a prime location, Veselka stands out as one of the best places to eat in NYC’s East Village.

Open all week, it’s a cultural journey waiting to be savored. For a peek into their enticing menu, it’s a gateway to gastronomic bliss.

Rowdy Rooster

Dive into the buzz of Rowdy Rooster in the East Village, where the chicken sandwich reigns supreme. This vibrant, pocket-sized spot serves up New York City’s finest fried chicken creations. The Big Rowdy and Lil’ Rowdy sandwiches, marinated in a secret yogurt blend and spiced to perfection, offer an explosion of flavors, complemented by mint, yogurt, and pickled onion. Don’t miss the addictive eggplant pakora and the unique vada pao with its tender potato heart. Wash it all down with a refreshing mango lassi or an exotic Indian soda like Limca. Remember, it’s mostly a grab-and-go affair due to limited seating. Located at 149 1st Avenue, Rowdy Rooster is a must-visit for a quick, flavor-packed meal, open Tuesday to Sunday from noon till the flavors run out!

B&H Dairy

B&H Dairy, an East Village gem since 1938, offers a nostalgic dive into New York’s culinary history. This kosher diner, with its iconic vintage sign and snug interior, serves up timeless comfort food. From the classic tuna melt to the hearty pierogi, every dish is a tribute to traditional flavors. The menu, surprisingly extensive for such a compact space, includes a variety of omelets, potato pancakes, and generously filled sandwiches. The cozy counter setting adds to the charm, making it feel more like a community gathering spot than just a diner. Open daily, B&H Dairy is a delightful throwback to a bygone era, inviting you to relish its homestyle cooking from morning till night.


Nudibranch, a standout among NYC’s 2022 dining scene, presents an exquisite $85 per person three-course prix fixe that’s both innovative and delightful. The atmosphere is a perfect blend of buzz and relaxed sophistication, making it a chic yet comfortable dining destination. The menu shines with unique offerings, especially the sensational frog legs and the must-try mushrooms. Their soba with an optional uni addition is another highlight not to be missed. Complement your meal with their carefully curated cocktails, priced at $17, or select from their impressive wine list, with bottles starting at $60. Nudibranch is a culinary hotspot in the East Village, offering a memorable dining experience with every visit.

Superiority Burger

Tucked away in the vibrant East Village, Superiority Burger is a haven for plant-based indulgence. Chef Brooks Headley, a James Beard Award-winning pastry chef turned punk-rock drummer, has transformed this cozy spot into a vegetarian paradise. Famous for one of NYC’s best veggie burgers, the menu also features delightful tofu-cabbage wraps and vegetarian sloppy joes. The white-tiled, snug setting radiates a welcoming charm. While seating is scarce, the takeaway experience is elevated with their exquisite vanilla-labna gelato, available by the pint. It’s a must-visit for both vegetarians and curious foodies alike, offering a unique twist on classic comfort food.

MáLà Project

Experience the unique flavors of Chinese hot pot reimagined at MáLà Project in the East Village, NYC. This innovative restaurant, led by owner Ning Amelie Kang and chef Qilong Zhao, specializes in a brothless version of the traditional dish. With an impressive selection of 52 ingredients, including exotic options like beef tenderloin, pig artery, and squid balls, guests can craft their own numbing and spicy entrées. The ambiance is communal and inviting, perfect for enjoying steamed egg custard or other snacks at the marble-topped counter or the 15-seat table. MáLà Project offers a novel twist on classic hot pot, making it a standout destination for adventurous diners in NYC’s East Village.

Punjabi Grocery & Deli

Punjabi Grocery & Deli, a cherished fixture in the restaurants NYC East Village scene for over 25 years, embodies the spirit of community and culinary excellence. In 2020, this beloved eatery rallied incredible support from its fans, raising substantial donations to keep serving its array of vibrantly spiced, vegetarian delights. Located on First Avenue, it’s a go-to spot for authentic Indian flavors, offering staples like chana masala, yellow dal, and chaat. Each dish here is a testament to the rich, vegetarian-friendly cuisine of India, making Punjabi Grocery & Deli a must-visit for anyone exploring the diverse culinary landscape of the East Village.


886, one of the best East Village NYC restaurants, offers a vibrant fusion of Taiwanese comfort food with a modern, izakaya twist. Chefs Eric Sze and Andy Chuang have crafted a menu that perfectly balances traditional flavors with contemporary flair. Indulge in their unique creations like the honey-glazed popcorn chicken, black-pepper steak sandwich, or homemade pork sausage adorned with cured duck yolk. The lively atmosphere, accentuated by neon lights and an eye-catching multiwall mural, makes 886 an ideal spot for a fun meal with friends or a cozy night out. It’s a culinary hotspot that brilliantly showcases the fusion of cultures in NYC’s eclectic dining scene.

Hanoi House

At Hanoi House, every dish is a heartwarming invitation to experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Their Brisket Banh Mi, with its tender beef and hoisin caramelized onions, is a delight to the senses, while the pho, rich with two types of meat, offers comforting warmth. The Vietnamese iced coffee, customizable with extra condensed milk, provides the perfect balance to the meal. With heated outdoor dining and a cozy atmosphere, this restaurant excels in both food and ambiance. Their friendly service, generous portions, and reasonably priced wine list make it an ideal spot for a memorable dining experience, perfect for any occasion.

Cafe Mogador

Cafe Mogador, a Moroccan culinary treasure in New York, blends tradition with modern flair. Its menu, rich with flavors like the succulent Lamb Shank Tagine and creamy hummus, offers a unique Mediterranean experience. The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between intimate and lively, highlighted by the elevated bar that adds an elegant touch. With consistently top-notch food and a warm, hip atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot for both brunch and dinner. The staff ensures a memorable experience with their attentive service. While it can get busy, the wait is always worth it for the delicious, authentic Moroccan cuisine at Cafe Mogador.


The East Village of NYC is a culinary wonderland, each restaurant offering a unique slice of the city’s diverse flavors. From the authentic Ukrainian delights at Veselka to the innovative Moroccan cuisine at Cafe Mogador, these establishments embody the spirit of the neighborhood. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these restaurants NYC East Village is a must for any food enthusiast. So, next time you’re in the area, dive into this gastronomic paradise and savor every moment!


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