4 Benefits of Canada Express Entry from Dubai

It is always difficult to obtain a visa for another country, regardless of any nature. There are different requirements for various programs available for a significant migration or for a successful visit visa approval. The main complex thing is the time-consuming process of visa application. However, Canada Express entry is something different from other available immigration programs. It is well known among all the applicants due to its various benefits.

The online system for this program is what makes it an easy and swift program for successful immigration to Canada. The system only allows the potential applicants to input their basic information and get started with the application process. Canada is one of the best opportunities for potential candidates who are looking to migrate to Canada from Dubai and enjoy plenty of benefits associated with the program. This post will give you a of complete idea about the offered benefits through Canada Express Entry from Dubai.

Fast Process Of The Application

Canada Express entry program is much easier to apply in comparison to all other available immigration programs from Dubai. Candidates can easily get their PR visa within an estimated time of 6 months and even prior to that, depending on various factors. The best part about the Express Entry program is that there are no specific limitations on the number of applicants, as they can apply throughout the year.

The integrated and automated application system makes it more convenient and effective for the applicants. This automated system generates the score based on the provided information and evidence. The following are the factors involved in calculating the points.

  • Previous work experience
  • Education credentials
  • Expertise in language
  • Clean criminal record
  • health, and many other significant factors.

No Discrimination

The chances of discrimination become almost zero when it comes to applying for an Express Entry Program in Canada. This is one of the major benefits of this program. Everything is processed online, and the results are based on points. So there is no discrimination or bias throughout your visa application process. In order to make the process swift and effective, ensure to reach out for a legit immigration consultant in Dubai.

Range Of Options

Applicants can select from various options available through an Express Entry visa. You can apply for all categories under the Express Entry program at the same time. This feature of Express entry makes this visa program different and effective from others. These programs can be the Skilled Trade Program and Federal Skilled Worker Program, along with many others.

No Restriction On Settlement

If you get the Canada Express entry visa, you can directly apply to get a PR from the country. This allows you to settle anywhere in Canada without any restrictions. Furthermore, there are no such requirements of proficiency in the French language in order to settle anywhere in Canada.

Once you are well settled in Canada, you can easily enjoy all the public benefits, including living and working in Canada, while availing access to public health care and an incomparable education system.

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